SELMA Lesson Prompt - MLK, Sheriff Jim Clark

SELMA Lesson Prompt #2 - Life in The Jim Crow South - MLK, Sheriff Jim Clark

SELMA Lesson Prompt, Lesson 2: Life in The Jim Crow South - "MLK, and Sheriff Jim Clark"

Prompt Questions:  "What is segregation/Jim Crow?" and "What is disenfranchisement?"

Download or stream "MLK, and Sheriff Jim Clark," an official clip from the motion picture SELMA for use with lesson plans, and directly with Lesson #2 in BazanED's Selma Curriculum Guide.  This clip features Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) and a crowd of demonstrators challenging Sheriff Jim Clark for the right to register to vote in a scene from SELMA.  Following the clip appearing on screen are two prompt questions for in-classroom discussion.  Video files can be large and can take time to download.  Please take a moment to preview the clip on our site before you download or stream straight from our site into your classroom!  Click on full screen and project right onto your smartboard!

Run Time: 35 seconds

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